Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Airframe Structural Design

This is intended to advance technical understanding and practical knowledge of both practicing engineers and students.

Design and Construction Handbook

This handbook is not intended to limit creativity or innovation. LAWA encourages Designers to recommend alternates when deviations from the guidelines provide an advantage or benefit to the Airport. Modifications, alterations and deviations shall be approved in writing by LAWA prior to implementation. Designer shall provide LAWA with documentation that the proposed modifications to these guidelines comply with applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Steel Design 5th Edition | William T.Segui

Steel Design, Fifth Edition covers the fundamentals of structural steel design for buildings.This book is intended for junior-and senior-level engineering students, although some of the later chapters can be used in a combination undergraduate/graduate course.Practicing civil engineers who need a review of current practice and the current
AISC Specification and Manual will find the book useful as a reference.Students should have a background in mechanics of materials and analysis of statically determinate structures.