Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Human Resource Management | 6th edition

Human resource management is found in virtually all undergraduate teaching of business and management, as well as in MBAs and specialist masters’ programmes.This book is the right tool for students and professionals

Operations Management and Supply Chain Network Theory

Operations consist of the jobs or tasks composed of one or more
elements or subtasks, performed typically in one location.
Operations transform resource or data inputs into desired goods,
services, or results, and create and deliver value to the customers.
Two or more connected operations constitute a process.
Operations are essential to any organization and, hence, so is
operations management.Professor Anna NagurneyTheoretical Perspectives

Project Management 9th Edition | DENNIS LOCK

The purpose of project management is to foresee or predict as many of the dangers and problems as possible and to plan, organize and control activities so that projects are completed successfully in spite of all the risks. This process should start well before any resource is committed, and must continue until all work is finished.

Project Management Guidelines | Version 1.0

The purpose of the Project Management Guidelines (PMG) is to provide relevant team members of the Airport Infrastructure Management (AIM) Division with uniform direction and the information necessary to successfully administer professional services and construction projects.

Master of Business Administration Project management 

Project management is concerned with the overall planning and co-ordination of a project from conception to completion aimed at meeting the stated requirements and ensuring completion on
time, within cost and to required quality standards. Project management is normally reserved for focused, non-repetitive, time limited activities with some degree of risk and restrictions

Project Management in new Product Development 

This book is about managing new product development using project management concepts and tools.The author has been guided by seven key principles in addressing how to manage new product development projects.

Quality Management in Construction Projects

Quality is a universal phenomenon that has been a matter of great concern throughout recorded history. It was always the determination of builders and makers of products to ensure that their products meet the customer’s desire.

Construction Program Management | Decision Making and Optimization Techniques

This book will look on the different program management methods, ranging from simple decision-making techniques and statistics analysis to the more complex linear programming, and how program managers, directors, clients, stakeholders,contractors, and consultants can benefit from the availability of these different techniques. The book is unique in a way as it looks on how to apply new and developed techniques to optimize for the delivery of programs mainly in the field of artificial intelligence especially knowledge-based systems and genetic algorithms.

BIM and Construction Management | Proven Tools, Methods and Workflows

This broader questioning of the tools, teamed with economic challenges, has given rise to a technological renaissance in the construction community. Because of the recession,many firms were forced to refocus and question the best way to deliver construction product to customers under new margin and overhead constraints.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT | A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling and Controlling

This book is addressed not only to those undergraduate and graduate students who wish to improve upon their project management skills but also to those functional managers and upper-level executives who serve as project sponsors and must provide continuous support for projects.

Construction Scheduling, Cost Optimization and Management

The primary purpose of this book is to present an entirely new approach to management and scheduling of construction projects overcoming the limitations of existing methods. We start from ground zero with a most general mathematical formulation for scheduling and management of construction projects with the goal of minimizing the direct construction cost.

Construction Manager’s BIM Handbook

The aim of The Construction Managers BIM Handbook is to provide some basic guidance, to cut through the misconceptions and provide CIOB members and the wider industry with a platform to progress.

Construction Project Management

Project management is at least 50% people management. This book emphasizes the importance of people skills, considering such things as collaboration, leadership, organisation, culture, communication, delegation, motivation and negotiation.

Construction Process Planning and Management | Owner ’s Guide to Successful Projects

The purpose of this book: to offer project owners who are new to the design and construction process some fi stand experience from someone who has been in this business for 40 years, and, for owners who have been involved with many projects, perhaps shed some new light on problems they may have encountered previously and wish to avoid in the future

Dictionary of Construction Terms

This Dictionary draws together thousands of words and terms both from the technical and legal sides of the business and that is vitally important, in my view, for people at all levels involved in the construction, engineering and technology business. For trainees and fully experienced personnel within the construction and engineering business and for people within and indeed outside the legal and construction professions, a good widely drawn dictionary is essential.

Programing and Scheduling Techniques

Planning is an important management function and its effective execution is a condition precedent for successful project outcomes. This book addresses operational rather than strategic aspects of planning of construction projects. It describes specific scheduling techniques and processes commonly used in the construction industry. While used mainly at the construction stage, the described techniques and processes are suitable for application across all the stages of the project life cycle.

Project Scheduling and Management for Construction

The book itself is aimed at two audiences. The first is those students in Construction Management and Construction Engineering programs who are taking a basic first course in the subject of CPM scheduling. The presentation and teaching materials in the various chapters come directly from what works in that environment. The second audience is practicing professionals who are interested in acquiring basic knowledge and skills in scheduling in order to improve their own job performance.

Civil Engineering Project Management

This book then sets out in practical detail all the measures and precautions the engineer in charge and his staff of engineers should take to ensure successful management and completion of a project.

Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development

This Code of Practice, sets out a job specification for a project manager and provided guidance on the project manager’s role. Since then project management has become an integral part of the construction industry and been responsible for its increased reliability and quality of product.

Construction Project Management | Practical Guide to Field Construction Management

The objective of this book is to present and discuss the management of field construction projects. These projects involve a great deal of time and expense, so close management control is required if they are to be completed within the established time and cost constraints.

A Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling

The aim of this handbook is therefore to present the key issues of planning and scheduling in a clear, concise and practical way in a readily acceptable format whereby individual chapters and sections can be accessed and read in isolation to provide a guide to good practice. Our objective was to provide a text to accompany learning, a reference document which, supported by web-based information, would provide information on the background to planning and scheduling together with guidance on best practice and practical methods for the application of construction planning and scheduling on different types of construction work.

Project Scheduling Handbook

This book will help you learn how to make the techniques of project scheduling work for you in future projects. What you will learn from this reference book today is real-world application stuff that you can use on the job tomorrow.