Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Geological and Geo-technical Engineering | in the new

The problems geo-engineers solve are important to society, and the current technological constraints are in many cases less likely to be solved by beating them with old approaches than they are to be cracked by new technological and more interdisciplinary approaches. Geo-engineers, with their focus on Earth are poised to expand their roles and lead in the solution of modern Earth systems problems, such as global change, emission free energy supply,global water supply, and urban systems.

Geotechnical Investigation Methods | A field guide for geotechnical Engineers

The general objective of an exploration program is to identify all of the significant features of the geologic environment that may impact on the proposed construction specific objectives.

Geotechnical Engineering for MineWaste Storage Facilities

To minimize the risks to which a company is exposed during the lifetime of development of a waste storage site, proper operational control is vitally necessary.Recognition of this need has led to the provision of a mandatory operations manual at many mines and to increased attention to more appropriate training and supervision of operations personnel.