Tuesday, January 21, 2020

MicroStation V8i | Training Guide

A CADD Engineering Standards Manual has been developed for MicroStation. It is intended to provide uniform procedures and standards for ODOT projects. The requirements presented in the manual ensure that CADD files can be used by the entire project team (surveyors, planners, environmentalists, designers, reviewers, contractors,etc.) throughout all phases of project development.

Prosteel V8 | User Manual

This manual provides a complete description of all commands available with the ProSteel steel construction software package.
Some of the individual descriptions contain examples, which facilitate the recreation of the different command applications by providing graphics and screenshots.

ProSteel V8i MicroStation Professional Fundamentals (metric)

Bentley ProSteel V8i (PSV8i) is a structural steel
construction application for AutoCAD. If you have
previously used traditional AutoCAD tools or other 2D
applications to create steel construction drawings, you
will need to adjust to anew method of creating
drawings. ProSteel 3D allows you to model your actual
structure in a manner similar to actual erection of
the structure. This model is then used by the program
to automatically generate the required 2D shop drawing