Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bentley Prostructures V8i

Prostructures efficiently creates accurate 3D models for structural steel, metal work, and reinforced concrete structures. It also capable of creating design drawings, fabrication details, and schedules that automatically update whenever you change the 3D model. Complete projects quicker thanks to customization user standards and the open working environment.Prostructures,includes Pro-steel and Pro-concrete, can help increase your productivity and profitability.

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition V11 Update 1

RAM Connection now includes Bentley CONNECT Advisor v10.1.0 which is a CONNECT service enabling Bentley users to have real time access to LEARN content, recommendations for more productive workflows and the ability to embed an Expert Engineer to their CONNECTED project.

Bentley AXSYS Product connect edition

This product delivers optimal 2D conceptual plant designs,it increases efficiency of your plant design process, provides more optimal conceptual process plant designs,effectively execute your front-end engineering designs with a comprehensive change management system and increase efficiency of your existing plant 2D design process by integrating your design tools with the AXSYS custom application framework. Save time with integrated change management and increase collaboration with a common project database.

Bentley CivilStorm V8i SS5_08.11.05.113

Stormwater systems can be very complex to model, with flow backups and reversals, surcharged pipes, and more. CivilStorm is one solution for all your stormwater modeling needs, it detect system bottlenecks, improve capacity, and limit stormwater flooding, so you can comply with stormwater regulations minimize capital investments on your infrastructure with optimized network designs and master plans for your entire system.

Bentley Leap bridge Bridge Steel V8i SS2

Streamline the design of straight and curved I-girder and tub-girder bridges with LEAP Bridge Steel’s computational 3D design and modelling. Benefit from the software’s advanced load rating and analysis capabilities, such as line-girder, grillage, and finite element analysis, which will enable you to evaluate steel bridges faster and deliver your projects on time and under budget.

Bentley RAM Structural System V8i SS7_

Design anything from individual components to large-scale building and foundations. Increase your productivity by eliminating tedious and time consuming tasks with RAM’s practical applications. RAM maximizes your software investment with one fully integrated application suite offering complete building analysis, design, and drafting for both steel and concrete structures.

Bentley StormCAD V8i SS5_

The software provides roadway site,designers, Stormwater master planners, and land developers with advanced tools to effectively deliver high quality design.

Bentley RM Bridge Advanced V8i.11.28.02

For a fully integrated modeling, analysis, and design process and rapid results processing bringing economy to bridge design. RM Bridge Advanced produces deliverables derived directly from the models being analyzed – improving bridge constructability and ensuring smooth project delivery.

Bently SewerCAD Connect edition

Bentley SewerCAD is a unique software for design and analysis of wastewater collection systems. With this software you can easily implement variety of systems and techniques, it has ability to create and manage various hydraulic models and estimating amount sewage handling.

Bentley SACS V8i SS4_

Bentley SACS provides engineers working with offshore facilities, tools and comprehensive analysis of their design, which guarantees a higher level of operational safety, minimize risks and provide compliance with standards of various structures. SACS supports simulation, blocks, foundations, beams and topsides, as well as a detailed assessment of the fatigue.

Bentley Substation v8i SS8 V08.11.13.140 update 2

Bentle substation enables you focus your design process around an intelligent model rather than a set of separate drawings. Create a 3D model built from a database of intelligent objects. Use the model to seed, create, link, and maintain consistency across 2D drawings, electrical schematics, and reports.

Bentley Multiframe Connect Edition 21.11.00

Fast and accurate structural analysis is the foundation of all computer aided structural design. Multiframe helps you get the results you need by providing powerful, yet easy to use analysis and design capabilities. Multiframe’s analysis and design tools give you an exceptionally powerful and flexible means of creating, analyzing and examining results for your structures.

Bentley Maxsurf Enterprise Suite SS3 _20.00.06.00

Maxsurf includes tools for hull modeling, stability, motions and resistance prediction, structural modeling, structural analysis, and export to vessel detailing. Maxsurf software applications operate from a single parametric 3D model that facilitates smooth communication and coordination between different team members and design activities. MAxSurf’s three suites of software provide a solution for every design team. All suites feature data interchange, both import and export, with other industry standard file formats including offsets,CfD,CAD,and surface data. can be performed in flat water or in a user-defined waveform. Grounding can also be considered.

Terrasoild Suite V017 for Bentley Microstation Connect v8i 

Terrasloid suite v017 for Bentley microstation connect V8i is a handy collection of different engineering software for processing of data of remote sensing.Terrasolid suite has been developed for civil engineers, designers and project managers, it’s ideal for Bentley products.You can easily process arial LiDAR with this software.

Bentley RM Bridge Enterprise Connect Edition

Streamline massive analytical tasks and save time on complex engineering challenges by taking a more integrated approach in the design and construction of your bridge systems with RM Bridge. Perform bridge design, analysis, and construction simulation to determine resiliency during seismic and natural events and analyze rolling stock. Apply visual processes that quickly generate information from multiple disciplines to make reliable engineering decisions. You can also leverage intraoperability with OpenRoads and OpenBridge Modeler to visually determine how your proposed bridge impacts existing and proposed project elements.

Bentley Navigator V8i SS5_ V8.11.09.536

Bentley Navigator delivers a more intuitive user experience and improves the interactive quality of information. This alone enables greater project insight and helps avoid costly on-site errors.  In addition, teams can analyze projects virtually to detect and resolve clashes and to simulate project schedules.

Bentley StormCAD Connect Edition

In challenging times, budgets for infrastructure projects are tight. StormCAD helps you be as effective as possible on storm sewer development projects. The software provides roadway and site designers, stormwater master planners, and land developers with advanced tools to effectively deliver high quality design with minimized capital investments.StormCAD offers a complete approach to storm sewer design and analysis, from rainfall to outlet.

Bentley LumenRT Connect Edition Update 3 V16.03.05.46

LumenRT empowers visual optioneering by providing live real-time immersive interaction, animating infrastructure environments with traffic simulations, active characters, wind-swept plants, seasonal trees, rolling clouds, and rippling water. Through the “cinematic” quality of LumenRTscenes and the software’s intuitive, hands-on interface, every infrastructure professional can readily envision his or her proposed design alternatives as they would be experienced in actual operation.

Bentley RAM SBeam Connect Edition V6.00.00.33

RAM SBeam is a powerful and versatile program for the design of steel beams. Using one of several design codes, RAM SBeam can select the optimum beam size or check the adequacy of existing construction. The program provides rapid evaluation and comparison between various beams under various load conditions. RAM SBeam has a user interface unparalleled for simplicity and ease of use, while providing a very powerful design capability. This results in substantial time savings for the Engineer and a more economical design for the clients.

Bentley Leap Bridge Concrete/Steel Connect Edition

Powerful modelling and analysis software for concrete bridges of all types: precast, cast-in-place, reinforced, and post-tensioned.

LEAP Bridge Steel is an integrated modelling, design, analysis, and load-rating software application for straight and curved I-girder and tub-girder steel bridges.